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Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Discoveries. (I’m not talking about food)

     Growing up in California’s Central Valley it was always a challenge finding ways to entertain ourselves. No beaches, no mountains, just fields of agriculture and melting summer heat. In places like Bakersfield it’s really easy for youth to turn to drugs and alcohol to waste the hours. I left the Central Valley thankful for the opportunity to leave and never thought about looking back, at least until I was actually gone. College has been a time of new experiences, personal development, and appreciation for what I have at home. While I was away I became a huge fan of The Food Network.  Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in particular was the program that taught me the importance of creativity and action that has been unexpectedly crucial in helping me explore my world.

            In Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (Triple D) famous chef Guy Fieri travels America showcasing some of the nations most popular and delicious diners.  If you aren’t hungry when you start watching the show it’s guaranteed that you will be by the end. One aspect of the show that’s always inspiring me is the creativity that the chefs bring to their menus. A chef may only have a slight tweak on a classic dish but that tweak turns into something that’s significant enough to be featured on TV. Goes to show what a big difference a small idea can do.

            I used to watch the show and wish I could teleport to the different diners and experience the food myself. One day I was sitting there inspired and hungry when I was reminded of the obvious fact that I currently live in the Bay area. Earth to self. I was so busy sitting in front of the TV feeling sorry for my stomach that I forgot I happened to be living in an area known for its food.  Guy Fieri doesn’t just sit and hear about these great restaurants he showcases, he physically goes to them, eats in the diner, and experiences it. I realized that I wanted to do the same, with my dining experiences and with my life experiences too. I began to look at my surroundings like they were foreign places that hadn’t been discovered. I go back home to “boring Bakersfield” and see it through a whole new lens. I see now that while some places are overtly more entertaining (the Bay area) no place is inherently boring. Some places just require more imagination. Every time I go home I challenge myself to go somewhere new whether it’s a new restaurant or just a different corner of the universe. It takes creativity to turn something normal into something extraordinary and I hope I never forget that. I have to thank Guy Fieri and Triple D for that life lesson.  

            Technology is great because it reminds me that the rest of the world exists. It constantly shows me amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places that never cease to inspire me. However, it can quickly turn into a trap that leads to settling for watching an experience rather than actually having one. The chefs on Triple D are constantly thinking outside the box and they have inspired me to do the same. Creativity in how I spend my time and how I will reach my goals has given me some priceless college memories in San Francisco, in the Berkeley hills, and on the back roads of the San Joaquin Valley.

I’m about to post a pretty cool mini-essay relating Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives to creativity and action in life. Pretty proud of it.



do you ever walk to the beat of your music in public and you think you look really cool but you probably just look like a dumbass



Genderswap Females by Maby-chan

Disney and Dreamworks’ male characters reinterpreted as females.

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So today at work I had to put one of the babies to sleep. The one thats notorious for screaming bloody murder whenever anyone tries to give him a nap. Coincidentally, this baby is also my favorite. So I’m there getting ready to force this baby to sleep and he’s crying and screaming and fidgeting and he does this funny little body kick and I bust out laughing at him. He stops crying and I’m trying to contain my laughter and he starts to smile and stops crying long enough for me to get the little sucker to fall asleep. I feel so much love for this (basically) stranger’s baby, I can’t imagine what being a mother would feel like. It may be cliché but I can’t wait to have my own baby. Too bad its gonna be a while. 

And here I go falling head first into something I know will hurt me. Its already giving me a dull pain in my chest. But nothing wonderful comes easily and without its own pitfalls. 

Personally, I want to see more about the victims. What their names were, who they were, what they dreamed about, what they aspired to. I wanna hear about the legacy their memory will bring to the people they touched. I don’t want to hear about the pathetic excuse of a “man” that cut their time short. No. Let him die a nobody. Let him be as nameless and forgotten as his grave. Its what he deserves. 

R.I.P. you beautiful babes of Isla Vista. 

"Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations."
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ohm YGOD

jesus fucking christ who let jerry seinfeld write a kids movie

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jesus did not die for this

the more I stare at it the funnier it gets



jesus did not die for this

the more I stare at it the funnier it gets

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I did the same dance routine in my room 100 days in a row and made this cool time lapse video 

A hero can be anyone.

this is the prophet religions talk about

I identify with that cat for some reason. 

I identify with that cat for some reason.